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CSL's Code of Responsible Business Practice)

Our Code Of Responsible Business Practice

This website is based on our published Code of Responsible Business Practice (CRBP) as at 1 July 2017.

Message from Paul Perreault

Paul Perreault, CEO of CSL Dear CSL Colleagues,
I am pleased to introduce our third edition of CSL's Code of Responsible Business Practice (The Code). Like our first two editions, this important publication has been approved by the board and carries our full support and commitment.
With each edition of our Code we account for a growing organisation, both in employees and geographic reach. The Code critically sets out the rights and obligations we have individually as employees and affirms our commitment to our stakeholders for the highest standard of conduct in all that we do. 

When it was founded more than a century ago, CSL made a promise to save lives and protect the health of Australians. Today, that very same promise is stronger and more vibrant than ever around the world, with more than 17,000 employees across the globe and our life-saving products in over 60 countries. Our Values are the foundation and our Code the guideline for how we conduct business and deliver on our promise to patients, partners and other stakeholders. 

I encourage you to review the Code and understand how it impacts you, your role and the way in which you represent CSL in business and the wider community.

Our success and the promise we make to patients is built on your commitment to strengthen and protect our company and its reputation. 


Our Company Values & Guiding Principles

CSL is committed to helping our employees and third parties to understand and abide by the principles and expectations contained within this Code.

Making Good Decisions

An integral part of responsible business practice is making good decisions. When faced with a decision, you should consider the following:

Values and Principles at CSL- The Policy Test – Is my proposed action consistent with this Code and other CSL policies?
- The Legal Test – Is my proposed action legal? Does it conflict with any applicable law or regulation?
- The Values Test – Is my proposed action consistent with CSL's values? Is it ethical and honest
- The Mirror Test – What are the consequences of my proposed action? How will I feel about myself if I take the action?
- The Others Test – What will others think about my proposed action?
- The Media Test – Would I be concerned if there was a headline of my proposed action in the media?

If after you have considered these points, you have any doubts about a decision you are faced with, you should discuss the decision you face with your supervisor/manager. In addition, if you believe there is a potential breach of CSL policy and/or procedures, you should discuss the matter with your supervisor/manager. Refer to Framework of Responsibility and Raising Concerns in the Compliance with this Code section. 

Raising Concerns

CSL has prepared this Code with the intent of continuing a positive and transparent relationship with our employees, contractors and other third parties. However, we recognise that there may be times where employees, contractors and other third parties have a need to bring instances of inappropriate conduct to our attention. To enable this to happen, without reprisals, we will continue to maintain and promote the existence of procedures for our employees, contractors and other third parties to report situations where they have concerns, including the use of our "whistleblower" process and other management systems.

If you have questions or concerns contact a senior manager or CSL Compliance or CSL Legal. If you are not comfortable with speaking directly to a senior manager or CSL Compliance or CSL Legal, refer to CSL’s intranet for further details on the "whistleblower" process.