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CSL's Commitment to Community)



CSL's Commitment: At CSL, we are committed to helping build healthier communities globally and in locations where we operate. We seek to do this in a way that aligns with our long-term business goals and uses our unique expertise and benefits.

We will:

  • Actively pursue community or charitable programs that will improve health and quality of life in our communities in the most effective way;
  • Ensure that our employees can be involved and are committed to the delivery of those programs in their capacity as CSL representatives; and
  • Respond appropriately to humanitarian crises or relief work where our products or special skills are required.

Community Contributions

CSL has developed an overarching community contributions framework that allows us to support our communities in a meaningful way through our core businesses and in conjunction with employees and other stakeholders.

Our investment in society is characterised by:

Support for Patient Communities

  • Enhancing quality of life for patients in the conditions our therapies treat.
  • Improving access to our biological medicines.

Support for Biomedical Communities

  • Advancing knowledge in medical and scientific communities.
  • Fostering the next generation of medical researchers.

Support for Local Communities

  • Supporting community efforts where we live and work.
  • Supporting communities in times of emergency.

We will enter into partnerships with other organisations such as non-government organisations and research institutions where this will enhance the overall effort.

We will consider contributions such as product donations for humanitarian relief where the request is made by a government or humanitarian relief organisation in accordance with applicable laws for such donations.

We will ensure that CSL-funded community investment meets all applicable local laws and codes of conduct, is respectful of local customs and is consistent with our strategic framework.

We monitor and assess our community contributions, and report publicly on our contributions.

Q. I have been approached by a representative of a not-for-profit patient group seeking a substantial donation from CSL to support tropical disease research. Should I authorise a donation from CSL to this worthy cause?
A. CSL has developed a global framework to direct CSL's community investments strategically to priority areas where they will be most effective and consistent with our corporate goals and capabilities. As a matter of good governance all donations are to be made to reputable nonprofit organisations that are exempt from government taxes and not to individuals. You should refer to CSL's policy on community contributions and follow the authorisation procedure established by that policy. If you require further information on CSL's community contributions program, contact the CSL Corporate Responsibility manager or your local CSL Communications representative.