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CSL employee with hard hat and yellow vest)


Environmental Management

CSL's Commitment: At CSL, we are committed to conducting all our operations in a way that minimises our impact on the environment and conserves natural resources. We view environmental stewardship as our responsibility and an opportunity to build healthier and more sustainable communities.

We will:

  • Operate within the environmental laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we work, meeting or exceeding applicable environmental standards, and taking effective action to address any instances of non-compliance should they occur;
  • Establish and maintain systems of environmental management at all our manufacturing facilities;
  • Engage and collaborate with our stakeholders, openly communicating accurate information about CSL's environmental performance and relevant environmental issues, including through public corporate reporting;
  • Maximise the efficiency of our use of water, energy and other resources through continuous improvement of our manufacturing operations;
  • Use a hierarchy of approaches for prevention of pollution including minimising the amount of wastewater, air emissions and solid waste produced, to prevent damage to human health and the environment;
  • Integrate environmental stewardship into CSL's business processes, risk assessment, planning and decision making; and
  • Ensure all employees and other persons on our premises are aware of their environmental responsibilities contained in this Code, and are equipped with the necessary skills and training to meet them.

Our policy describes our environmental commitments and provides the setting for our environmental objectives and targets.

Employees must report to their supervisor/ manager any environmental incident, so appropriate action can be taken to control and prevent adverse impacts.

Q. We had a small spill of chemicals – just a few litres – do I need to report it?
A. Yes, all spills of chemicals or any other hazardous substance need to be reported to your supervisor/manager and your health and safety officer as soon as you are aware of them. 

This will enable prompt reporting, if required, to regulatory agencies, early investigation to determine root cause and implement corrective actions, and CSL's internal reporting requirements to be met. 

Climate Change

CSL recognises climate change, caused by greenhouse gases produced as a result of human activity, is a pre-eminent global environmental challenge. We have a responsibility to make a contribution to addressing climate change.

We will:

  • Measure, understand and disclose our impact on the environment;
  • Minimise our climate change impact;
  • Participate in relevant government climate change programs;
  • Identify and manage carbon risks and opportunities; and
  • Engage with employees and external stakeholders.