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Values and Principles at CSL)


Company Values & Guiding Principles


Our Values bind the CSL group of companies together through a shared commitment to:

Patient Grizalez

Patient Focus

We deliver on our promise to patients.

CSL Behring Scientist


We turn innovative thinking into solutions.

M. Tortorici, CSL


We walk the talk.

Employees talking at a table


We are stronger together.

Kinga Zambo, CSL

Superior Performance

We take pride in our results.

This Code of Responsible Business Practice (Code) sets out the principles of conduct that underpin our Values:

  • Conducting CSL's business with the utmost integrity by complying with all applicable local laws and regulations in all countries in which we operate, and by fulfilling all of our responsibilities to shareholders and the financial community;
  • Rules guiding employees and directors towards ethical decisions in situations of potential conflict of interest, political involvement, bribery and financial inducements;
  • Generally accepted workplace relations principles including mutual respect, nondiscrimination and freedom of association;
  • The quality of our products and the safety of our patients, plasma donors, employees and third parties by adherence to health and safety standards, through compliance with manufacturing and other best practice standards, and through provision of safe work environments;
  • Supporting innovation through investment in research and development focused on new and improved products, and across all aspects of our business, to help improve patients' lives;
  • Contributing to the development of public policy in our areas of expertise;
  • Responsible environmental practices that minimise our environmental impacts; and
  • Guidance for creating and maintaining beneficial relationships with all the communities in which we operate.

CSL aspires to maintain high standards of business practice and be a responsible employer and this Code is intended to set out the minimum standards applicable to our employees across the world. CSL's legal obligations will be consistent with those that are applicable under local laws.

This Code, along with supplementary policies and procedures, has been developed to help ensure that:

  1. Our customers and the broader community can be confident that CSL is committed to operating with the highest integrity at all times;
  2. Our third parties (e.g. contractors, suppliers, distributors) know what to expect from a business relationship with CSL and the expectations we have of them; and
  3. Our employees understand both their obligations to CSL and CSL's obligations to them.

All of us have a responsibility to ensure that the role we perform in carrying out CSL's business is a constant reflection of these principles and the values of the organisation.

Q. I would like further information on aspects of the Code. How do I get further information?  
A. Further guidance is provided by the specific CSL policies and support tools which are referenced throughout the Code and available on CSL's intranet. Local policies and standard operating procedures may also be applicable. If you still have questions or concerns it is important that you raise them with your supervisor/manager. You can also contact CSL Compliance, CSL Legal or CSL Human Resources (HR) for further information on the Code.

Making Good Decisions

An integral part of responsible business practice is making good decisions. When faced with a decision, you should consider the following:

  • The Policy Test – Is my proposed action consistent with this Code and other CSL policies?
  • The Legal Test – Is my proposed action legal? Does it conflict with any applicable law or regulation?
  • The Values Test – Is my proposed action consistent with CSL's values? Is it ethical and honest?
  • The Mirror Test – What are the consequences of my proposed action? How will I feel about myself if I take the action?
  • The Others Test – What will others think about my proposed action?
  • The Media Test – Would I be concerned if there was a headline of my proposed action in the media?

If after you have considered these points, you have any doubts about a decision you are faced with, you should discuss the decision you face with your supervisor/manager. In addition, if you believe there is a potential breach of CSL policy and/or procedures, you should discuss the matter with your supervisor/manager. Refer to sections 7.1 and 7.2 for the Framework of Responsibility and Raising Concerns respectively.

Q. I am a contractor at CSL. How does the Code apply to me?  
A. CSL's Code applies to all employees and any third parties who provide services to or on behalf of CSL. We expect our third parties to comply with the applicable local laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate, and to conduct business in a manner that is consistent with this Code.